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DSE Floor Price Withdrawal List

DSE floor price 2022

Company NameWithdraw LimitSector
1JANATAMF1% limitMutual Fund
1STPRIMFMF1% limitMutual Fund
ABB1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
AGNISYSL1% limitIT Sector
AGRANINS1% limitInsurance
AIBL1STIMF1% limitMutual Fund
ALLTEX1% limitTextile
AMBEEPHA1% limitPharmaceuticals
AMCL(PRAN)1% limitFood & Allied
ANLIMAYARN1% limitTextile
APEXFOODS1% limitFood & Allied
APEXTANRY1% limitTannery Industries
ARAMIT1% limitMiscellaneous
ARAMITCEM1% limitCement
ASIAPACINS1% limitInsurance
ATCSLGF1% limitMutual Fund
AZIZPIPES1% limitEngineering
BANGAS1% limitFood & Allied
BDAUTOCA1% limitEngineering
BDCOM1% limitIT Sector
BDSERVICE1% limitTravel & Leisure
BDTHAI1% limitEngineering
BDWELDING1% limitFuel & Power
BEACHHATCH1% limitFood & Allied
BIFC1% limitNBFI
CAPMBDBLMF1% limitMutual Fund
CAPMIBBLMF1% limitMutual Fund
CENTRALINS1% limitInsurance
CENTRALPHL1% limitPharmaceuticals
CITYGENINS1% limitInsurance
CLICL1% limitLife Insurance
CONTININS1% limitInsurance
CRYSTALINS1% limitInsurance
DACCADYE1% limitTextile
DBH1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
DELTASPINN1% limitTextile
DESHBANDHU1% limitEngineering
DGIC1% limitInsurance
DHAKAINS1% limitInsurance
DOMINAGE1% limitEngineering
DSHGARME1% limitTextile
DULAMIACOT1% limitTextile
EASTERNINS1% limitInsurance
EASTLAND1% limitInsurance
EASTRNLUB1% limitFuel & Power
EBLNRBMF1% limitMutual Fund
EIL1% limitInsurance
EMERALDOIL1% limitFood & Allied
ETL1% limitTextile
EXIM1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
FAMILYTEX1% limitTextile
FEDERALINS1% limitInsurance
FINEFOODS1% limitFood & Allied
GBBPOWER1% limitFuel & Power
GLOBALINS1% limitInsurance
GQBALLPEN1% limitMiscellaneous
GREENDELMF1% limitMutual Fund
HAKKANIPUL1% limitPaper & Printing
HFL1% limitTextile
IBP1% limitPharmaceuticals
ICB3RDNRB1% limitMutual Fund
ICBAGRANI11% limitMutual Fund
ICBAMCL2ND1% limitMutual Fund
ICBEPMF1S11% limitMutual Fund
ICBSONALI11% limitMutual Fund
ICICL1% limitInsurance
IFIC1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
IFILISLMF11% limitMutual Fund
IMAMBUTTON1% limitPharmaceuticals
INTECH1% limitIT Sector
ISLAMIINS1% limitInsurance
ISNLTD1% limitIT Sector
JANATAINS1% limitInsurance
JUTESPINN1% limitJute
KARNAPHULI1% limitInsurance
KAY&QUE1% limitEngineering
KBPPWBIL1% limitMiscellaneous
KPPL1% limitPaper & Printing
LEGACYFOOT1% limitTannery Industries
LIBRAINFU1% limitPharmaceuticals
LRGLOBMF11% limitMutual Fund
MBL1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
MEGCONMILK1% limitFood & Allied
MEGHNACEM1% limitCement
MEGHNAINS1% limitInsurance
MEGHNAPET1% limitFood & Allied
MERCINS1% limitInsurance
MIRACLEIND1% limitMiscellaneous
MITHUNKNIT1% limitTextile
MONNOAGML1% limitEngineering
NAVANACNG1% limitEngineering
NCCBLMF11% limitMutual Fund
NFML1% limitMiscellaneous
NITOLINS1% limitInsurance
NLI1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
NORTHRNINS1% limitInsurance
NURANI1% limitTextile
OAL1% limitEngineering
OIMEX1% limitEngineering
PADMALIFE1% limitLife Insurance
PAPERPROC1% limitPaper & Printing
PARAMOUNT1% limitInsurance
PDL1% limitTextile
PEOPLESINS1% limitInsurance
PF1STMF1% limitMutual Fund
PHENIXINS1% limitInsurance
PHPMF11% limitMutual Fund
POPULAR1MF1% limitMutual Fund
PRIME1ICBA1% limitMutual Fund
PRIMELIFE1% limitLife Insurance
PRIMETEX1% limitTextile
PROGRESLIF1% limitLife Insurance
PURABIGEN1% limitInsurance
RAHIMTEXT1% limitTextile
RANFOUNDRY1% limitEngineering
REGENTTEX1% limitTextile
RELIANCE11% limitMutual Fund
RENWICKJA1% limitEngineering
REPUBLIC1% limitInsurance
RSRMSTEEL1% limitEngineering
RUPALIINS1% limitInsurance
SAFKOSPINN1% limitTextile
SAIHAMTEX1% limitTextile
SAMATALETH1% limitTannery Industries
SAMORITA1% limitServices & Real Estate
SAVAREFR1% limitMiscellaneous
SEMLFBSLGF1% limitMutual Fund
SEMLIBBLSF1% limitMutual Fund
SEMLLECMF1% limitMutual Fund
SHYAMPSUG1% limitFood & Allied
SIMTEX1% limitTextile
SINOBANGLA1% limitMiscellaneous
SKICL1% limitInsurance
SKTRIMS1% limitMiscellaneous
SONALIANSH1% limitJute
SONARBAINS1% limitInsurance
SONARGAON1% limitTextile
STANCERAM1% limitCeramics
STANDARINSA1% limitInsurance
STYLECRAFT1% limitTextile
SUNLIFEINS1% limitLife Insurance
TAKAFULINS1% limitInsurance
TALLUSPIN1% limitTextile
TOSRIFA1% limitTextile
TRUSTB1MF1% limitMutual Fund
TUNGHAI1% limitTextile
UNIONINS1% limitInsurance
UNITEDINS1% limitInsurance
USMANIAGL1% limitMiscellaneous
VAMLBDMF11% limitMutual Fund
VAMLRBBF1% limitMutual Fund
YPL1% limitEngineering
ZAHEENSPIN1% limitTextile
ZAHINTEX1% limitTextile
ZEALBANGLA1% limitFood & Allied
Data Source: Dhaka Stock Exchange

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