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Bangladesh Bank increased interbank USD exchange rate to Tk106.15

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Bangladesh Bank US Dollar to BDT exchange rate

The interbank exchange rate for the US dollar has suddenly been changed by the Bangladesh Bank to Tk 106.15.

According to the central bank, the buying price for dollars in interbank transactions on Tuesday was Tk 101.67 and the selling price was Tk 106.15.

The central bank, however, neither set nor implemented the rate; instead, it was determined by the scheduled banks.

The official exchange rate of the scheduled banks is now listed on the website of the top financial regulatory agency. Before this, the central bank calculated the exchange rate based on its transactions.

The selling price for dollars was displayed at Tk 95 on the Bangladesh Bank’s website on Sunday. Monday’s rate increase brought it to Tk 96, and Tuesday’s rate increase brought it to Tk 106.15.

13th September106.15
12th September96
28th August95
28th July94.7
28th June92.95
28 th May87.9

On the other hand, the central bank sold USD 40 million on Tuesday at a rate of Tk 96 from its foreign exchange reserve.

The banks have decided on the taka and dollar exchange rate based on supply and demand as well as rates offered by the Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association, according to the Bangladesh Bank website (BAFEDA).

Instead of trading dollars regularly, the central bank will only intervene when necessary to meet market demands.

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